Paul Ballantine

Executive Dean – BusinessPaul Ballantine

Meremere 203
Internal Phone: 93738


Research Interests

Research interests include retailing, consumption behaviour (particularly the negative aspects of consumption), and social and ethical issues in marketing.

Recent Publications

  • Zahrai K., Veer E., Ballantine PW. and Peter de Vries H. (2022) Conceptualizing Self-control on Problematic Social Media Use. Australasian Marketing Journal 30(1): 74-89.
  • Kemper JA. and Ballantine PW. (2020) Targeting the structural environment at multiple social levels for systemic change: The case of climate change and meat consumption. Journal of Social Marketing 10(1): 38-53.
  • Kemper JA., Ballantine PW. and Hall CM. (2020) Sustainability worldviews of marketing academics: A segmentation analysis and implications for professional development. Journal of Cleaner Production 271
  • Kemper JA., Ballantine PW. and Hall CM. (2020) The role that marketing academics play in advancing sustainability education and research. Journal of Cleaner Production 248
  • Ozanne L., Ballantine P. and Mitchell T. (2020) Investigating the Methods and Effectiveness of Crisis Communication. Journal of Nonprofit and Public Sector Marketing