Girish Prayag

ProfessorGirish Prayag

Meremere 338
Internal Phone: 94082


Research Interests

The overarching focus of my research is consumption experiences in the services industry with a particular focus on the airline, tourism and hospitality industries. My past and current research themes include: consumption emotions, place/brand attachment, anthropomorphism, service design, destination marketing and tourism/event impacts

Recent Publications

  • Dyason D., Fieger P., Prayag G. and Hall CM. (2022) The Triple Blow Effect: Retailing in an Era of Disasters and Pandemics—The Case of Christchurch, New Zealand. Sustainability (Switzerland) 14(3)
  • Jordan EJ. and Prayag G. (2022) Residents’ Cognitive Appraisals, Emotions, and Coping Strategies at Local Dark Tourism Sites. Journal of Travel Research 61(4): 887-902.
  • Lewis C. and Prayag G. (2022) Tourism scholarship with LGBTQ+ people in criminalised contexts: A research agenda. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management 52: 39-41.
  • Ozanne LK. and Prayag G. (2022) Exploring Airbnb Host Wellbeing and Host-Guest Conflicts in Network Hospitality. Frontiers in Psychology 13
  • Ozanne LK., Chowdhury M., Prayag G. and Mollenkopf D. (2022) SMEs navigating COVID-19: The influence of social capital and dynamic capabilities on organizational resilience. Industrial Marketing Management 104: 116-135.