Girish Prayag

ProfessorGirish Prayag

Meremere 338


Research Interests

The overarching focus of my research is consumption experiences in the services industry with a particular focus on the airline, tourism and hospitality industries. My past and current research themes include: consumption emotions, place/brand attachment, anthropomorphism, service design, destination marketing and tourism/event impacts

Recent Publications

  • Alrawadieh Z., Prayag G. and Alrawadieh Z. (2023) A cognitive appraisal perspective of emotional accessibility at heritage sites: empirical evidence from the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Petra. Journal of Heritage Tourism 18(2): 145-163.
  • Blackman D., Prayag G., Nakanishi H., Chaffer J. and Freyens B. (2023) Wellbeing in disaster recovery: Understanding where systems get stuck. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction 95
  • Dodds S., Finsterwalder J., Prayag G. and Subramanian I. (2023) Transformative Service Research Methodologies for Vulnerable Participants. International Journal of Market Research
  • Fieger P., Prayag G., Dyason D., Rice J. and Hall CM. (2023) Exploring CBD Retail Performance, Recovery and Resilience of a Smart City Following COVID-19. Sustainability (Switzerland) 15(10)
  • Gannon M., Taheri B., Disegna M. and Prayag G. (2023) Coping, rumination, and electronic word-of-mouth: Segmenting consumer responses to service failure via fuzzy clustering. Journal of Business Research 166