Christian Walsh

LecturerChristian Walsh

Rehua 601
Internal Phone: 94781


Research Interests

I am interested in the range of cognitive-affective and temporal practices undertaken by entrepreneurs and strategists in a variety of settings including social enterprise. Particularly as it relates to creativity in business and its fit with innovation.
I also have an ongoing interest in the pedagogy of experiential education particularly as relates to entrepreneurship and innovation education.

Recent Publications

  • Walsh C. (2021) The project marketplace: A structured method for defining passion projects. Journal of Education for Business : 1-13.
  • Walsh C., Collins J. and Knott P. (2021) The Driving Mindsets of Innovation: Curiosity, Creativity and Clarity. Journal of Business Strategy
  • Walsh C., Knott P. and Collins J. (2020) Emotional energy and opportunity confidence. Journal of Business Venturing Insights 13
  • Walsh C., Knott P. and Collins J. (2019) Navigating Strategic Opportunities: The Intimation Spiral. Minneapolis, USA: Strategic Management Society 39th Annual Conference, 19-22 Oct 2019.
  • Walsh CA. (2018) The Role of Entrepreneurial Intuition in Making Sense of Strategic Opportunities. Christchurch. University of Canterbury.