Get inspired with purpose and passion

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An Arts degree is part of your identity and a reflection of who you are. The diversity of subjects and people that you encounter will broaden your experience and ultimately change your outlook on life.

Nurture your passion

The experiences you have at UC Arts will transform your future direction. Our staff are here to support you to find and follow your passion.

Emily Barker profile quote

Emily Barker, studying towards a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Theory, and Psychology

‘... I’ve had the chance to get to know my own identity a lot better. I’ve discovered what’s important to me and what I value. That helps me to prioritise how I spend my time. Priorities are important, especially when there are so many options in front of you. Start off by doing what you love. That will get you interested and involved. Then you’ll either confirm that either yes, that is what you love – or you’ll find something else that you enjoy even more. Also, say yes to as many opportunities as you can. UC Arts is a great way to keep your options open. It gives you huge scope for your future, and it teaches you creative ways of thinking which no technologies or robots will ever be able to do.’

Max Farra profile quote 2

Max Farra, studying towards a BA in Political Science & International Relations & French & a Bachelor of Laws

‘A Bachelor of Arts from UC is a vibrant and recognised degree. It’s allowed me to follow each of my wide and varied passions. There’s a huge range of extracurricular opportunities and the chance to take on leadership roles. The choices here are limitless. I love it!’

Student Advisors

The UC Arts Student Advisors can help with degree planning and special applications.