Apply your learning

We can connect you with your passions and your future. For example, our music students may perform with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra, and the Māui Lab enables students to come up with solutions for te ao Māori. Many of our courses involve field trips, real world case studies and guest lecturers who are literally in the business of changing the world.

Get hands-on experience

Arts students have many opportunities to put theory into practice. Students can complete an internship, Social Work students spend 80% of their final year on placement, Fine Arts students take part in gallery exhibitions and art installations, and Music students have the opportunity to perform at UC and community events.

Field trips

Many Arts courses involve field trips both locally and nationally. This could be visiting parliament and meeting the prime minister, seeing local community groups, staying overnight at aUC field station, or visiting a gallery. There are many opportunities for Arts students to get out of the lecture theatre.

Influence the world around you – make a positive change

Climate change, animal studies, artificial intelligence, ethnic relations, social change, and new media technologies are all issues that you can grapple with while studying at UC Arts.

Freddie Duncan profile quote

Frederica Duncan, studying towards a Bachelor of Social Work

‘Learning about the issues and challenges that people face and being able to help them overcome these, is one of the most fulfilling things to be a part of, and Social Work is a great way to be able to do this,’ she says. ‘I was very lucky to be dealt a good hand in life so I wanted to use it to help other people who did not have such a fortunate start.’ 

‘I have also been on a field trip to the Women’s Prison which was incredible and was part of a paper about understanding Women Victimisation and Offending which I would highly recommend.’


Student Advisors

The UC Arts Student Advisors can help with degree planning and special applications.