Why study Europe and the European Union?


Europe is one of the main political, economic, cultural, social and linguistic reference points to New Zealand, and the European Union is New Zealand's most significant bilateral partner after China and Australia. It is one of the world's leading political and trading blocs, with 28 member states and over 500 million people.

The programme at UC also offers some unique learning options and experiences.

  • Become a cosmopolitan citizen
  • Explore the world and travel! Exchange programmes are available
  • Demonstrate an in depth understanding of Europe, an important cultural and linguistic reference point to New Zealand in a global community
  • Learn about the European Union, New Zealand's key international partner
  • Meet and exchange ideas with European diplomats, dignitaries, leading academics who come to UC to meet with our students
  • We are unique - UC is the only University in Australia or New Zealand offering a degree major with a focus on the European Union

Internship at the European Parliament

As a student of Europe and the European Union, on a post-graduate level, you may become a Member of European Parliament Intern and undertake a three month internship in Brussels and Strasbourg at the European Parliament, fully supported by the New Zealand EU Centres Network.  There is an annual application process in October.

Research and collaborations

The National Centre for Research on Europe (NCRE)

The National Centre for Research on Europe (NCRE) administers postgraduate studies for European and European Union students. The NCRE is New Zealand's only research centre devoted to the study of Europe and the European Union.

The Centre offers a range of scholarship and internship opportunities to UC students of European and European Union Studies.