Research opportunities

The National Centre for Research on Europe

The NCRE is New Zealand's only research centre devoted to the study of Europe and the European Union. It fosters research on the EU that is regionally relevant, for example EU development policy in the Pacific, the EU's identity in the Asia-Pacific region (including EU external images ane perceptions) and the external consequences of EU enlargement.

Postgraduate research with the NCRE

The National Centre for Research (NCRE) on Europe administers postgraduate studies and research for European and European Union students. The NCRE is firmly established as the focal point for the study of Europe in New Zealand, attracting visiting academics from all over the world and supporting close to 30 research students.

The Centre offers a range of scholarship and internship opportunities to UC students of European and European Union Studies.

EU Global Perceptions

The National Centre for Research on Europe (NCRE) has pioneered research on the EU’s external perceptions. To date, a number of research projects analysing Public, Elite and Media Perceptions have been undertaken in order to identify, measure and raise public awareness and extend knowledge of the European Union within many countries in the world. This website introduces the methodologies and research projects which have been undertaken, publications as well as the key researchers and leaders involved in the projects since 2002.

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Direct your inquiries about postgraduate degrees in European Studies to Professor Martin Holland, Director of the NCRE.