Consolidate your language skills


Chinese at UC offers a range of unique experiences and opportunities to improve your knowledge of Chinese language and culture. UC's lively club culture also creates a forum for learners to meet and socialise while improving their language skills.  

Study trip to China

Second and third-year students of Chinese can undertake a study trip to China (CHIN211 or CHIN311 respectively). There they take Chinese language and cultural lessons, and complete required course assessment at the approved Chinese university.

Preparation for the study trip includes an orientation week at UC. Final examinations are held at UC after the trip.

Global China Connection (GCC Canterbury)

GCC is a global network dedicated to inspiring students to take advantage of the opportunities to connect and engage with China. At UC, the GCC club organises the China Talk Series, the Shanghai Shout and Lingoswap.

China Talk Series

Hear public figures, politicians and business people sharing their experiences of China.

Shanghai Shout

An all-expenses-paid internship in Shanghai is available each year.


Mandarin language workshops for beginners.

The Confucius Institute

The Confucius Institute at the University of Canterbury is part of the global CI network. Its regular events are an opportunity to connect with other Chinese speakers at UC and in the wider community.