Natalia Chaban

ProfessorNatalia Chaban

Jean Monnet Chair
James Logie 404
Internal Phone: 95549


Research Interests

Research interests include cognitive & semiotic aspects of political and mass media discourses, image studies & national identity studies in the EU context.

Recent Publications

  • Chaban N. and Chaban A. (2018) Communicating Europe beyond its borders: Imagining the EU in Ukraine post-Maidan. European Foreign Affairs Review 23.
  • Chaban N. and Elgström O. (2018) On a Journey with Uncertain Destination. Metaphors and Images of the European Union in Russian and Ukrainian Media after Brexit Vote. European Foreign Affairs Review 23.
  • Chaban N., Bacon P., Burton, J. and Vernygora, V. (2018) NATO Global Perceptions – Views from the Asia-Pacific Region. Asian Security 14(1): 1-7.
  • Chaban N., Beltyukova S. and Fox C. (2018) Communicating NATO in the Asia-Pacific Press: Comparative Analysis of Patterns of NATO’s Visibility, Capability, Evaluation, and Local Resonance. Asian Security 14(1): 66-81.
  • Chaban N., Knodt M. and Headley J. (2018) Introduction: The EU and Its eastern neighbours-perceptions and strategic dialogue in the region. European Foreign Affairs Review 23: 1-22.