Natalia Chaban

ProfessorNatalia Chaban

Jean Monnet Chair
Elsie Locke 320a
Internal Phone: 95549


Research Interests

I focus my interdisciplinary research on cognitive and semiotic aspects of political and media discourses, political communication and image studies within international relations contexts, including EU external perceptions, a novel area in EU foreign policy studies.

Recent Publications

  • Chaban N., Elgström O. and Knodt M. (2019) Perceptions of EU mediation and mediation effectiveness: Comparing perspectives from Ukraine and the EU'. Cooperation and Conflict
  • Chaban N. and Chaban A. (2018) Communicating Europe beyond its borders: Imagining the EU in Ukraine post-Maidan. European Foreign Affairs Review 23(1/1): 119-138.
  • Chaban N. and Elgström O. (2018) Constructing bridges and fostering growth: Interdisciplinary insights into European Union role conceptions and prescriptions. Cognition, Communication, Discourse 17: 24-36.
  • Chaban N. and Elgström O. (2018) On a Journey with Uncertain Destination. Metaphors and Images of the European Union in Russian and Ukrainian Media after Brexit Vote. European Foreign Affairs Review 23(1/1): 159-176.
  • Chaban N. and O'Loughlin B. (2018) The EU’s Crisis Diplomacy in Ukraine: The Matrix of Possibilities. Journal of International Affairs 71: 61-68.