Masayoshi Ogino

LecturerMasayoshi Ogino

Logie 505
Internal Phone: 94534

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Dr Ogino's research interests include second language development and the application of research insights to second language learning and teaching. He has strong interests in collaboration, connectivity and articulation between the secondary and tertiary levels for the development of Japanese language education.

Recent Publications

  • Ogino M. (2022) Well-being and dialogues. Online: Advanced Japanese Language Network Seminar, 08 Sep 2022.
  • Ogino M. (2022) Embedding well-being into the Japanese language education: Nurturing learners’ well-being through a dialogue with Well-being Dialogue Cards. Dunedin: New Zealand Association of Language Teachers, 9-12 Jul 2022.
  • Hayes C., Nakane I., Fukui N., Nagami M., Ogino M. and Otsuji E. (2021) Are ‘advanced’ Japanese language programs sustainable? A look at Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Melbourne Asia Review 7
  • Ogino M. (2021) Japanese language education aiming to nurture Japanese language 'users' (Panelist for a roundtable discussion). The 4th Globally connected online Japanese language education, 15 May 2021.
  • Ogino M. (2021) Tsunagari to ekkyō, soshite Well-being e [Connection and crossing borders, and towards well-being]. Kotoba to shakai 23: 208-210.