Joanna Cobley

Adjunct Senior Fellow Joanna Cobley

Internal Phone: 94310
As Adjunct Senior Fellow, I write about food, history, heritage & museums.


Research Interests

Also reviews editor for Museum Worlds: Advances in Research.

Recent Publications

  • Cobley J. (2022) Ladysmith Cake Recipe Remixed: A Story about a Culinary Memorial with a Difficult Heritage. Records of the Canterbury Museum 36: 37-54.
  • Cobley J. (2022) Why Objects Matter in Higher Education. College and Research Libraries 83(1): 75-90.
  • Lummis G., Fraser L. and Cobley J. (2021) Kinsey’s Southern ‘Wonderland of Ice and Snow’: New Insights into Early Alpine Photography. Records of the Canterbury Museum 35: 211-245.
  • Hoffman SK., Poulot D., Brulon-Solares B. and Cobley J. (2019) Aftermath of Cultural Heritage Disasters. Museum Worlds: Advances in Research 7: 200-231.
  • Cobley JJL. (2018) Remembering Makea Takau Ariki, the Queen of Rarotonga, 1871–1911. New Zealand Journal of Public History (NZJPH) 6(1): 46-55.