Jeremy Moses

Associate ProfessorJeremy Moses

MIRAD Coordinator
Elsie Locke Building 607

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Research Interests

Over the past decade, the main focus of my research has been on the ethical, legal and political challenges posed by emerging doctrines of humanitarian intervention, particularly the Responsibility to Protect. In carrying out this research I have drawn heavily on some aspects of classical realist thought in international relations, arguing that the concept of sovereignty remains a major stumbling-block for those who advocate in favor of a more interventionist international order. The cases of Rwanda, Kosovo, Iraq, Sudan, Libya and Syria have been of particular interest over this period. This research on humanitarian intervention culminated in the publication of my book, "Sovereignty and Responsibility: Power, Norms and Intervention in International Relations", in 2014.

I am now working on a Marsden-funded research project that aims to delve into some of the theoretical and practical issues surrounding pacifism and non-violence in international relations. I am particularly interested in analyzing the connections and disjunctions between pacifist and realist thought in international relations.

Finally, I am developing a project looking at the challenges posed by the crisis in Ukraine and the establishment of the Islamic State to the international law and politics of statehood and recognition. This research connects back to many of the issues I have previously investigated in relation to sovereignty and intervention.

Recent Publications