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LecturerDineke Schokkin

Elsie Locke Building 207
Internal Phone: 90782


Research Interests

I am a field linguist specialising in two typologically distinct languages of Papua New Guinea: Paluai (Oceanic) spoken on Baluan Island in Manus Province, and Idi (Pahoturi River), spoken in Western Province. My research combines methodologies from language documentation and description, sociolinguistics and corpus linguistics, with the aim to integrate these research fields.
My research interests include language contact and multilingualism, pragmatics and discourse strategies in underdocumented languages, and New Guinea island and its surroundings as a linguistic area.

Recent Publications

  • Schokkin D. (2020) A Grammar of Paluai The Language of Baluan Island, Papua New Guinea. De Gruyter Mouton. 500.
  • Schokkin D. (2021) Preverbal directionals as markers of associated motion in Paluai (Austronesian, Oceanic). In Guillaume A; Koch H (Ed.), Associated MotionDe Gruyter Mouton.
  • (2017) 6. The languages of Southern New Guinea. The Languages and Linguistics of the New Guinea Area: 641-774.De Gruyter Mouton.
  • Schokkin D. (2020) A Grammar of Paluai.
  • Schokkin D. (2020) Variable realisation of verb-final /n/ in Idi. Asia-Pacific Language Variation.