Health and Safety Reporting System

Reporting an Incident

If a serious event has occurred you must:

  1. Ensure your own safety and the safety of others
  2. Secure the scene as required to prevent any further harm or risk
  3. If it is an emergency, contact UC Security on 0800 823 637 or 92111. If it is NOT an emergency call 92888.
  4. Notify the Health and Safety team 03 369 3636 or directly contact your Health and Safety Business Partner
Timely and accurate reporting of health and safety events is a key component of health and safety management at University of Canterbury. 

These must be reported to WorkSafe as soon as possible.

If you think the event may be notifiable contact the Health and Safety team


Notifiable Events are serious events that result in either: 

  • one or multiple fatalities
  • a notifiable injury e.g. someone was admitted to hospital for immediate attention
  • exposing workers or others to a serious risk arising from immediate or imminent exposure to:
    • a substance escaping, spilling, or leaking
    • an implosion, explosion or fire
    • gas or steam escaping
    • a pressurised substance escaping
    • electric shock 
    • the fall or release from height of any plant, substance, or thing
    • damage to or collapse, overturning, failing or malfunctioning of any plant that is required to be authorised for use under regulations
    • the collapse or partial collapse of a structure
    • the collapse or failure of an excavation or any shoring supporting an excavation
    • the inrush of water, mud, or gas in workings in an underground excavation or tunnel
    • the interruption of the main system of ventilation in an underground excavation or tunnel
    • a collision between two vessels, a vessel capsize, or the inrush of water into a vessel
    • any other incident declared in regulation to be a notifiable incident

The University of Canterbury details its responsibilities and responses to specific types of events in the Protocol: Event Reporting.

A Manager/Head is responsible for notifying the Health and Safety Director of any incident involving:

  • a notifiable event, or
  • risk to the University of Canterbury’s reputation

In the Health and Safety Director’s absence, contact their H&S Business Partner, the H&S Improvement Manager, or contact UC Security on extn 6111.

Other responsibilities:
  • initiate any relevant remedial actions
  • ensure Event Reports are completed for all known events
  • initiate the initial investigation of the event
  • advise any injured or affected person of any action that has been taken as result of the investigation

A UC Staff Member is responsible for:

  • notifying H&S of an incident by completing an Incident Report as soon as possible
  • initiate the Identify and Manage a Risk process if the incident is the result of an identified risk
  • participate in a full incident investigation if a full investigation is required

Assura Software is a local, Christchuch-based software company that have a workflow platform they customise to your business needs, which automates manual and everyday processes to improve business outcomes.

Their platform is commonly used for Health and Safety reporting, and is highly customisable and able to be configured by your Health and Safety team. 

Assura Logo

Assura Applications

You can access Assura two ways. 

  1. You can download the Assura One mobile application to use on field trips or conveniently whenever you are away from a computer. 
  2. You use the website here to report an incident or safety observation, and to access more of the system, including your Dashboard, Actions, Meetings, and Reports.

There are two types of reports you can enter in Assura:

Incident Report a near miss, pain & discomfort, or incident here.
Safety Observation Report an observation of Unsafe Practice, Unsafe Conditions, or Safe Practice, as well as Suggestions.

Check out the system user guides and resources below

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