Billing and payments

Making a payment to UC

The Accounts Receivable staff issue invoices and receive all income for the University.

Please note: We do not accept cash payments.

Pay your invoices by cheque, credit card (Mastercard and Visa are accepted) or in person at the Finance desk (located on Level 1, Student Services Centre, Matariki Building).

You can also pay by direct credit or wire transfer to the University bank account. You must include appropriate detail to appear on our bank statement so we know you have paid.

Charging UC for goods or services

The University of Canterbury prefers to use a Purchase Order to buy goods or services. Supplies need to quote the purchase order number on their invoice to ensure payment. The University of Canterbury has general terms and conditions which apply to all Purchase Orders raised by the University, unless the supplier is governed by a specific supplier contract. See our General terms and conditions of supply.

Supplier invoices must be sent to

Receiving a payment from UC

We prefer to pay suppliers, employees and students by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). We prefer to send remittances by email so the remittance arrives at the same time as the payment. If this option is not available please contact Accounts Payable.

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