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Teaching Medal

Richard Hartshorn | 2009

16 October 2023

Meet Associate Professor Richard Hartshorn from our Department of Chemistry who received the UC Teaching Medal in 2009. A past recipient of a UC Teaching Award, he has been described as an outstanding academic who plays a very influential role in science education. 


Associate Professor Richard Hartshorn, who is a past recipient of a UC Teaching Award, has been described as an outstanding academic who plays a very influential role in science education. Professor Hartshorn’s nomination, made by the Chemistry Department, referred to him as a highly talented and popular lecturer. It said he had a deep understanding of the principles that underpin excellent teaching and learning.

“He has established versatile teaching methods that enable him to achieve optimal results with students of a wide range of abilities, from those who struggle at university level to top-notch honours students. Feedback from undergraduate students, through both personal communication and formal teaching assessments, is that he is a popular lecturer with a superior ability to relate complex concepts to students,” the nomination said.

Professor Hartshorn has made significant contributions to chemistry internationally through his association with the International Union for Pure and Applied Chemistry. He is a member of the union’s Committee on Chemical Education, which is responsible for initiating chemical education projects and promoting chemistry in developing countries.

As an international expert in the field of chemical nomenclature, Professor Hartshorn acts as a consultant for chemistry educators and textbook authors around the world. He has co-authored two textbooks used in high schools in Australia and is on the editorial board for an Australian-Canadian 100-level university textbook. Professor Hartshorn was a driving force behind the establishment of UC’s Science Outreach programme and, as Chair of its steering committee, retains an important role in its ongoing development.

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