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16 October 2023

Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a minor in Geography



Tell us what you’re studying.

I’ve just finished up my Bachelor of Science, with a major in Psychology and minor in Geography. I’m now starting an honours year, focusing on Psychology. Specifically, I'll be basing my research around environmental psychology this year, and looking at behaviour change.

UC runs in your blood; you’re a third-generation UC student!

My grandad, dad, and older sister went to UC, but my choice to come here was purely separate from that fact. I considered all the factors in going to any uni in New Zealand, and I felt like UC and Christchurch really fit the profile of what I wanted in terms of both academics and lifestyle. I've skied my whole life, love the beach, and enjoy urban living; Christchurch provides all of that.

What was your path to uni like?

I took a year off after high school and thought I wouldn’t enjoy uni or be good at it. But the more I considered it, I thought, ‘why not take the plunge?’. Finding an interest in both Psychology and Geography ignited a passion for study, and particularly for research, so it’s really worked out.

What's been unique about your UC academic experience?

The Teaching Assistants are also studying, and a lot of the lecturers are doing research, so everyone’s still learning and teaching each other. It’s a very reciprocal relationship. You’re all working towards similar goals because you share interests. It’s a common ground. We all have different experiences and backgrounds; we all bring something to the table.

Have you been able to apply your studies to your own life?

That’s the interesting thing about doing Psychology. You start learning a lot about these practices, theories, and ideas that are linked to mental health. I have had some personal struggles, and one of the big things that helped me get through that was just doing my study. I was able to get to a point where I felt a lot more stable and was able to get more involved.

My time at UC has helped me realise that sometimes it takes that nudge from something or someone, or just through experience, that makes you realise you have a passion for something. A big thing that’s grown for me is my passion to keep studying, keep learning, and keep trying to expand myself in any way possible.

Speaking of getting involved, you’ll be a UC Mentor and UC Host this year. What inspired that?

It’s about giving back to the uni, in a way, that has given so much to me and others who are struggling. The support I was given made me want to provide that to someone else coming in to study, who might be in a similar boat like I was. It’s provided a really cool opportunity to be able to help people within my own capacity.

Is there a lot of mental health support at UC?

Oh definitely. The Lads Without Labels are doing amazing work in that space and they’ve blown up as a big club. There's a lot of information on how people can access all the other wellbeing clubs and mental health services available at UC, and especially around exam time there’s always a big push to ensure students are looking after their wellbeing.

What will you take away with you from your time at UC?

My biggest takeaway is to keep learning and keep trying to expand myself in any way possible. Sometimes it's good to take that risk with something that you may not be totally confident with. Christchurch itself has also provided a unique perspective towards what I learned through my classes. Despite my UC lineage, I've made my own unique university experience whilst at UC.

Any advice for others who may be experiencing struggles similar to what you went through?

In the sense of getting involved and trying new things out, just give everything a go. You don’t lose anything by having a try; you lose more by not giving yourself the chance. I’ve learnt that through my own experience. Give yourself the opportunities to become the best version of yourself, but make sure you look after yourself in the process.

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