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16 October 2023

Sport Coaching




What are you studying?

I’m working towards a Bachelor of Sport Coaching – Strength and Conditioning with Nutrition. It’s centred around training athletes to be able to better themselves in their sport by working on themselves first, through building strength and good nutrition.

What sparked your interest in that?

I was brought into sport at a very early age, playing football or rugby and other sports. I always got joy from helping others understand how to play, and all my coaches have been really inspiring. It made me want to carry that on with future generations of children and adults.

Speaking of sport, you’re super into rugby.

I played in high school, and now I play for some club teams. I’ve also been playing with Māori Rugby Waitaha for five years. This year we won the Mat Moeahu Memorial Trophy, which can be contested by any Māori team in NZ.

How has that helped you connect with your Māori heritage?

I get to do something I enjoy while learning about my own culture. Being able to speak the karakia at the start, before food or after training, and getting more of the boys that are just there for rugby to speak a bit more te reo and learn about their culture.

Has your study helped you in real-life applications?

Last year I’ve had several broken bones and surgeries. The sport psychology really helped with the mental side of things, and the strength and conditioning aspect helped me continue using muscles that I wouldn't have otherwise. And with not being able to do as much exercise, the nutrition helped because I knew what to cut down on. It all helped me come back a lot stronger.

There’s no rush to know what you want to do. There are so many options, and they’re all so easily accessible, you don’t need to set your mind on just one thing. Keep an open mind.

Did UC offer any support while you were injured?

I went to Te Pātaka, the student support centre, because I was in a cast most of the year and only had one hand to use. They got me extra time, managed to give me notes on courses I wasn't able to attend. When it came up to exam time, they reached out to check on me. They were more than happy to help and talk me through everything. I was also supported by my lecturers.

What’s one stand-out moment from your studies so far?

The hands-on learning with dissecting a cow’s knee was one of my favourite experiences. I was able to actually see the tendons, arteries, certain muscle groups, bones, and how it all worked together. It really helped me for my exams later on because I knew physically where it was instead of just seeing it on paper.

What’s your favourite aspect of your degree?

I enjoy the group projects because in real-life situations you’re going to be working with different people, as part of a team - especially in my area. I also got to know people I wouldn’t usually hang out with. I’ve met a lot of new people through the workshops. Everyone's really nice, so it's easy to talk to people and meet friends.

What three words would you use to sum up your UC experience?

Knowledge. Excitement. Freedom.

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