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Student story

Sumathi Karpurapu

20 July 2023

"Data science is evolving, it is the future of everything..."


Master of Applied Data Science

Previously a software developer for Tata Consultancy Services in India, Sumathi knew that she would benefit from postgraduate study in critical data analysis, to keep up with the rapidly developing world of data digitisation.

"Data science is evolving. It is the future of everything," she says. "As a software programmer I wanted myself to develop in the field of data science where I can statistically analyse data and train the data to predict new data using machine learning. I want to be a future data analyst and develop some automated systems to produce useful data from unprocessed huge data."

UC’s reputation and courses in Data Science particularly attracted Sumathi to study here, and she has since come to call UC "a second home".

"New Zealand is the best and most beautiful country in the world. It is one of the few safest and peaceful countries in the world. The quality of education provided is the best and involves lot of learning.

"UC has multi diversity, we get to meet all people from different parts of the world. The facilities provided by UC are amazing. I wouldn’t find any better place than UC in this world which could provide these huge facilities. I enjoy studying and doing my assignments in the Uni as it is the best place, very calm and inspiring every moment to do well."

Her master’s programme has given her a strong skillset in statistics and machine learning, and her great results have also earned her a UC Dean’s Award. Sumathi gives back to the community as a tutor for the first-year engineering mathematics course EMTH 118.

"It is the best," she says. "I enjoy every bit of my course. It is amazing learning every day. The Mathematics and Statistics Department and our HOD, Jennifer brown, are the best professors who are there to help subject-wise as well as for personal development. I would like to thank all of them who are great inspiration and motivating."

The opportunity to complete an internship in industry was the perfect way for her to gain training working with real-world data. Sumathi interned for a regional community group with over 10,000 members, where she worked with their Communications Team on their Facebook data to analyse their social media outreach and audience.

"The experience was very good. I was able to learn technically as well as learn the New Zealand culture. It is a great platform for me and I will always thank James Williams and Jennifer Brown for giving such a great opportunity by believing in me."

Now completed her studies, Sumathi has ongoing work with the community group, and is building an automated system which will provide statistics on their cultural and social developments and improve their outreach.

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