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Sam Riley

20 July 2023

My CV and interviews skills stood out enough to get the firm's attention.


Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and International Relations with a minor in Māori and Indigenous Studies

What brought you to the Careers team for help?

I was approaching the busy two-week period where law firms were advertising their summer clerkships. I knew I would need help updating my CV if I was going to have a chance at getting any interviews. I had received emails from the Careers team before, so it was something that was always in the back of my mind for potential help.

How would you describe your experience with us? 

It was fantastic. Jeanine went above and beyond to help me out. I ended up going back to her on about four different occasions to implement changes and we worked through my CV together.

Any favourite bit of advice?

Jeanine just made me believe in the content of my CV.

What did you find most useful?

The face-to-face meetings for my CV were the biggest benefit. I also used the online interview simulator Interview360 to practice for my interviews.

So how did the interviews go?

I got a few interviews and offers, and finally, I proudly accepted an offer from Chapman Tripp. I also received positive feedback during the interview process on how I had added a new experience or skill every year. The interviewers liked that I diversified my skill set as an applicant and that I hadn’t become stagnant in my career development.

Any tips for students looking to build their careers at uni?

Get involved and expose yourself to a range of experiences. Be open-minded to opportunities that are presented to you. Some of the best opportunities are non-traditional paths you may not have considered previously. The online tools are advanced and can provide really good advice. The entire careers team helped me reach one of my biggest goals. They’re passionate, caring and good at their jobs. I’d recommend using the Careers team for any current student hoping to improve their career prospects.

What are your career goals from here, Sam?

I am hoping to get a graduate job and become a solicitor. I am now on the right path with getting my summer clerkship at Chapman Tripp. Without the help of the Careers team, my CV may not have stood out enough to get their attention. I am extremely thankful to the Careers team for helping me achieve such a big goal of mine.

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