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Student story

Rui Zhang

20 July 2023

I was absolutely encouraged by the chat with Nell, which also helped me build more career confidence.


Graduate Diploma, majoring in Computer Science

Kia ora Rui! Tell us about your career goals. 

After one year of studying for a Graduate Diploma in Computer Science, I would love to change my career to becoming a software developer. Study life gave me many supports in the professional area, but when I was preparing a CV and cover letter, as a non-native speaker, I was not confident in my English writing skills. One of my friends, who graduated from UC two years ago, told me if I want to have my CV/cover letter modified, a great place to go is UC Careers, simply because he benefited from the team.

What was it like talking to our career consultant?

I made an appointment with Nell to review my CV and cover letter. I meant to let Nell help me correct grammar and beautify words. Nell told me what more important it was to let employers know you did your research and how keen you are to work with them. This is absolutely the key to letting recruiters pick you up from hundreds of applications! Also, I was worried that many companies might not recognise my short study experience. Nell encouraged me with the theory that the recruiters really care if the candidate has the right knowledge and skills required. I was absolutely inspired and encouraged by the chat with Nell, which also helped me build more confidence.

Any favourite piece of advice? 

I applied to 14 companies. 6 of them gave me opportunities to go to the next round! One of my favourite companies rejected my application without any feedback. I made my second chat with Nell. Again, Nell gave me lots of useful advice! She suggested giving it another try and encouraged me not to be afraid to give HR a call. “Sometimes, written words are cold, but if you can talk with people, they will feel your enthusiasm!” Although I was not lucky enough, I would not feel regret for not fighting for this opportunity. I felt thankful that have such a professional team supporting me during my job-seeking period. The team worked hard to help our students.

What would you say to others trying to build their career skills at uni?

There are many cool tools available to boost your skills. For example, an AI application, Interview360, that helps with zoom interview skills is available. Make sure to involve yourself in the career fairs and events which UC holds. Actually, I met my current job’s HR team here on campus. Finally, don’t forget to check the UC Careers YouTube channel; there is a lot of up-to-date useful job-hunting information!

Kia ora! Thanks for sharing Rui! 

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