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Kyle | To stay relevant and influential

24 November 2023

Ngāpuhi – Master of Business Administration (MBA)


If one doesn't progress, the evolving world can overshadow one's capabilities.

What inspired you to pursue an MBA?

I've become acutely aware of the importance of continual growth and adaptation. Observing the swift advancements in technology and the transformation in leadership approaches, it's clear that if one doesn't progress, the evolving world can overshadow one's capabilities. As senior business leaders, we must refine our skills and expertise, ensuring every decision is in the business's best interest, colleagues, and whanau. Conversations with my peers and research have underscored that an MBA is a quintessential step for professionals like me, aiming to stay relevant and influential in an ever-transforming business landscape.

Why did you choose the MBA program at UC?

I completed my undergraduate degree at UC and experienced firsthand the importance UC puts on its people and culture. I wanted to return and join UC’s mission to “produce leaders capable of growing organisations with purpose and impact”.

You’ve got a pretty full plate with your family, full-time job, and studies. How do you manage everything?

Juggling a demanding job, fatherhood, and my studies is a shared commitment between my family, work, and me. I'm highly motivated, relying on solid time management and stress-relief practices like early workouts and weekend outings with my kids. I ensure family time stays a priority and remains untouched. Most of my study happens on Sundays and post-kids’ bedtime. Recognising our mutual growth, my employer facilitates study time and funds part of my education. Additionally, UC’s MBA offers a leadership course focusing on Hauroa, complete with professional coaching. My cohort is a great bunch of people; we support each other and our families.

What are your future career goals? How will UC’s MBA help you achieve them?

My initial ambition was to ascend as a leading manager within my current global Tier 1 construction company. However, I am finding as I progress through my MBA, my future opportunities are broadening. This programme, renowned for grooming both aspiring and established business leaders, emphasises real-world collaboration, producing adept leaders skilled in driving international organisations through innovation, digital transformation, and data-driven strategies, all while fostering responsible societal engagement. Beyond the core curriculum, the programme provides platforms like seminars, guest lectures, and networking events. Essentially, it equips me to upskill, explore potential career shifts, and amass pivotal business networks and experiences, aligning perfectly with my evolving career aspirations.

You’ve had a lot of life experience. How does everything weave in with your study journey?

After my undergraduate, I never thought I would return to studies; however, with maturity, I have experienced the value added to higher education. My time in the military taught me resilience, resilience to endure through the mahi and reach goals I did not originally think possible. My whānau give me purpose to succeed in life. I feel great pride being a provider, and they have been really understanding and supportive of my study journey.

Any advice for other adults considering study?

If you are reading this, you are already considering further study – so do it! Do it now before your competitor does. Do it now to keep up with these VUCA times.

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