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Julia Welsh

20 July 2023

I now know what recruiters will be looking for in my CV and applications.


Fourth year student Bachelor of Laws LLB (Hons) | Bachelor of Arts in English and French

Kia ora Julia! Tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m a fourth year of an LLB (Hons)/BA in English and French. I’ve lived in Christchurch all my life and I started studying law because I wanted to challenge myself and find out ways that I can help my community.

What kind of support were you looking for from the Careers team?

I heard about UC Careers through a PACE course that I did over the summer. As a fourth year student, I was looking to get some practical experience. I wanted to advice on what employers are looking for in CVs and Cover Letters and what I can do to bring a point of difference to my application.

What was it like talking to our team? 

My experience talking to the team was great! Every one of my questions was answered, including those I didn’t know that I had. It’s really hard to know what employers are looking for, so it was so valuable to learn how to tailor my application to their needs.

Any favourite bit of advice? 

The best piece of advice I received was making sure everything is explicitly clear. Employers receive a lot of applications, so it is useful for them to write out exactly what you’ve learnt and developed from past work experience. I also benefited the most from the drop-in sessions to discuss CV/Cover Letters

What are some of the challenges as a student working towards your career goals?

It’s really hard to know what employers want to see! Everyone wants to be able to get practical experience in their studies, but without knowing what employers are looking for and what past experience you have to have, it’s really hard to break in to the employment scene!

Did our team help you overcome this? 

I definitely feel a lot more confident about my applications going forward! I know what it is I need to write and what recruiters will be looking for.

Any words of wisdom to other students? 

Make the most of all the opportunities you can find! There’s a lot of people around campus with really valuable career knowledge, and most people are more than willing to share!

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