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Student story

Farrel Maulana Arsy

20 July 2023

"We have hands-on experience both in the lab and out in the field..."


Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences

Farrel from Jakarta, Indonesia, has been fascinated by marine life since he was 7 years old. His curiosity about how animals and plants interact with their surroundings drove him to pursue his education at University of Canterbury (UC).

The Bachelor of Science programme at UC caught his attention as it offers hands-on research in labs and in field stations which UC has around the South Island of New Zealand.  This programme gives him the opportunity to work alongside leading scientists on real-world research studies.  

"I chose to come to New Zealand to study as the location makes it an ideal study destination and I am interest in the beautiful nature surrounding me.  The people are also very nice," he says.

"My programme is really good because we have hands-on experience both in the lab and out in the field, giving us a connection between what we study in the class and what it actually is like in real life."

Farrel is one of the international students who awarded the UC International first-year scholarship. 

"I was extremely excited and honoured when I was informed that I had received the scholarship. It has helped me and my family a lot in terms of university fees, and instead of thinking about how we are going to pay, I could focus on my studies."

His experience in Christchurch as an international student has been full of joy as Christchurch is a city for exploration. With new stores and restaurants opening around the city, Christchurch is vibrant and offers an affordable lifestyle.  This makes it the ideal destination for international students.

UC also offers a multicultural environment where people are friendly and helpful. His advice to future international students is, 'Be open minded, don’t be afraid to ask, and the most important thing is to stay curious. The academics, support services staff, and classmates are always willing to help’.

So far in his studies, the projects that he has been part of in his ecology courses have helped him to gain some work experience in his field. 

"I have done several projects in ecology. It's extremely useful as it helps me to think, work, and get personal experience in doing fieldwork."

Farrel plans to continue onto a master’s degree in Science at UC once he completes his undergraduate degree.  

"I will be doing postgraduate studies in science, where I will be doing mostly marine ecology. I decided to continue with postgraduate studies as I will be able to deepen my interest in marine ecology."

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