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Student story

Eloise McIntyre

20 July 2023

"I love working with people, collaborating and problem-solving..."


Bachelor of Commerce in Management, and Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Eloise’s study in Management and Strategy fitted well with her interests working with others and managing projects.

“I enjoy working with people and both of my parents are managers. I got involved in stage management through school and loved it, so thought Management would be a good option for me,” she says.

“I picked up my second major Strategy and Entrepreneurship in the first year after hearing a lecturer speak about it and thought it would be interesting.”

Eloise enrolled with a UC Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship towards her BCom.

“I have really enjoyed learning about diversity in organisations. I enjoyed learning from the lecturers with industry experience – the theory along with practical insight will be valuable throughout my career.

“I’ve enjoyed the people I’ve met and the lifelong friendships I’ve made.”

Taking on an internship with the Waimakariri District Council within their Human Resources team was the perfect way to consolidate her skills gained from courses, as someone who enjoys learning from challenges.

“The project looked at the wide range of volunteers involved with the Council. As part of this, I researched best practices for managing volunteers, then produced a series of resources and created a new agreement for volunteers.

“I learnt that I am able to communicate to various different stakeholders, and organisational members at all levels. I was able to build confidence in my ability and take pride in the deliverables I produced,” she says. “Definitely do an internship!”

In her spare time, Eloise’s other big passion is with food and cooking, and she enjoys entertaining friends and family.

An ideal career path would be to combine all of her interests in the future.

“I aim to start my career in HR and work my way up from there – I love working with people, collaborating and problem-solving. I would also like to own and run my own business someday – probably in the food industry!”

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