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Student story

Chelsea Lefebvre

20 July 2023

"There are many areas that you can find to study and the campus has a very homely feel..."


Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning (Primary)

As a Canadian national, being able to complete postgraduate studies in a new country was the perfect chance to gain world and study experience within a different culture.

"I chose to study at Canterbury because for me it was an opportunity of a lifetime to study and travel, to gain a new experience, while also completing a degree in one year as opposed to two years back home," she says.

Chelsea plans to become a primary teacher through her studies with UC, following her undergrad degree in child studies and French.

"The reason I chose my degree is because I love children and watching them grow and learn. I want to empower them and help make a positive difference in their lives,” she says. "I like the placement portion of my degree as well as the hands-on experience in class workshops."

She recommends other aspiring primary teachers to check out UC’s teaching programmes.

"I would tell them that it is a lot of work but that it is definitely worth it and you meet amazing people! Another plus is that all of the classes are in the same building and the profs are incredibly nice and approachable."

To make life at UC easier, Chelsea chose to stay in Waimairi Village student accommodation.

"I chose to live in a hall of residence because it is on campus, therefore close to classes. I had the choice of choosing to opt out of the meal plan and loved having that choice. The residence is close to grocery stores and lots of bus stops making it easy to get to places. It is also in walking distance of so many stores and shops.

"The highlight of my UC accommodation experience so far has been meeting new people, especially my roommates. It is a great way to meet new people and to make great friends! The profs, RA’s and other staff are incredibly friendly and approachable.

"Being within walking distance of classes is a huge perk. You don’t have to go far to find a nice study spot outside, especially near the fields. I like how quiet and easily accessible the campus is. There are many areas that you can find to study and the campus just has a very homely feel to it."

As an active person, Chelsea also enjoys the campus and local facilities for outdoor opportunities.

"The gym is great, free membership for students and lots of sports, activities and events going on at all times of the year," she says. "I love going on hikes, reading books, planning my next adventure and hanging out with friends! On weekends I hop on a bus or in a car with friends and adventure in and around Christchurch to discover its beauty."

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