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Student story

Aishvarya Gopalakrishnan

20 July 2023

"I love the structure of the programme; it is unlike anything that other universities offer…"


Master of Human Interface Technology

The Master of Human Interface Technology programme appealed to Aishvarya due to length of the course and strong research-based component.

"Sometimes I feel like I am doing a short PhD programme," she says. "This programme is so independent and allows me to focus on my research area of interest. I also love how collaborative the environment is. I love the structure of the programme; it is unlike anything that other universities offer."

Before coming to UC, Aishvarya worked in India for a financial technology product company. She hopes to gain work experience in the EduTech space as a user experience researcher, and then "hopefully do a PhD someday".

Aishvarya is an avid café connoisseur, a reader, and loves writing articles related to social causes. UC's campus has given her an ideal environment to pursue all of her hobbies.

"The campus is beautiful and I love the collection of journals and books at the library. An added bonus is the selection of cafés on campus. I've seen this campus in all the seasons, and it has its own charm in every one."

Christchurch city itself has also proven to be an inspiration for Aishvarya.

"I love the city! It's beautiful and so charming. It is an interesting time to be in Christchurch especially when the city is being rebuilt after the earthquakes. Christchurch has everything – a peaceful lifestyle and a happening one for adventurers.

"Working in Christchurch has really made me understand the culture in this city, and it has also been a very enjoyable experience, thanks to all my lovely colleagues!"

Backpacking in the South Island and learning more te reo Māori are but a few things Aishvarya is looking forward to doing before leaving New Zealand. She has already bungy jumped at Kawarau Bridge in Queenstown and found it "an exhilarating experience".

Aishvarya says New Zealanders have been very welcoming, and she has enjoyed meeting people from around the world while hiking and staying at hostels. She has especially loved exploring the country's many coffee shops.

"I have done plenty. It is very easy to get accustomed to the lifestyle here," she says.

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