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Delegations of authority

04 December 2023

To make sure UC runs smoothly, several of the functions, powers, and duties of the Council are delegated to the Vice-Chancellor and others. The Delegations of Authority Policy describes how powers and duties are delegated, the rules that govern delegating authority, and the Delegations Schedule. Learn about UC's delegations of authority.


As the governing body of the University, the Council exercises a number of powers and holds duties with regards to the University’s functions. On a day-to-day basis many of these functions, powers and duties are delegated to the Vice-Chancellor and others, to ensure the smooth running of the University.


The Delegations of Authority Policy describes how powers and duties are delegated, and the rules governing the exercise of the delegations of authority for the University, and the Delegations Schedule lists the delegations.

Sub-delegation must be done in accordance with the Delegations of Authority Policy. Guidance and template forms are found here.


Please note that the Delegations Schedule is being updated this year. This means there are various places where you may need to search for specific delegation information:

  • Academic category delegations
  • Research category delegations
  • Financial category delegations 
  • Governance category delegations
  • People and Culture category delegations
  • Contracts category delegations
  • Finance and Procurement category delegations
  • Research and Innovation category delegations
  • Student category of delegations
  • Other general categories of delegations

Academic Delegations Schedule

Download (application/pdf, 161 KB)

Governance Delegations Schedule

Download (application/pdf, 152 KB)

Research and Innovation Delegations Schedule

Download (application/pdf, 131 KB)

Research Delegations Schedule

Download (application/pdf, 130 KB)

People and Culture Delegations Schedule

Download (application/pdf, 194 KB)

Finance and Procurement Delegations Schedule

Download (application/pdf, 181 KB)

General Delegations (1 Sept 2023)

Download (application/pdf, 442 KB)

Contracts Delegations Schedule

Download (application/pdf, 189 KB)

Student Delegations Schedule

Download (application/pdf, 106 KB)

For queries about the University's delegations of authority, please contact the Policy Unit.  Email:

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