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About the UCPL

24 January 2024

The UC Policy Library (UCPL) houses the official, most recent version of all university-wide compliance documents electronically. From scope to documents, learn more about the UCPL.


The UC Policy Library contains all University-wide compliance documents that have been approved by Council or its delegated authorities. The UC Policy Library does not house departmental/school policies, procedures, process etc. These may be found on individual websites (see Departments and Colleges).

Where there is a conflict between a compliance document housed in the Policy Library and a departmental/school compliance document, the Policy Library document stands as the source of truth. This is in line with the University's legislative responsibilities.

The UC Policy Library is managed by the Policy Unit, who report to the University Registrar and are part of the Vice-Chancellor's Office.

For advice on using the library or for assistance in developing new compliance documents, please contact the Policy Unit.

The UC Policy Library provides access to organisation-wide compliance documents of the University of Canterbury that have been approved by Council or persons or bodies holding delegated authority from Council.


Types of documents in the Policy Library


  • Codes of Conduct or Practice
  • Forms
  • Frameworks
  • Guidelines
  • Instructions
  • Plans
  • Policies
  • Principles
  • Procedures
  • Regulations
  • Statutes
  • Strategies

The Policy Library does not house departmental documents; these may be found on individual websites (see Departments and Colleges).

Please note: Only the PDF version of each document is available in the Policy Library at this time.

The UC Policy Library will always contain the most up-to-date version of any University compliance document. Reviews will be initiated by the Policy Unit three months prior to the review date. Follow-ups will be made as necessary to ensure that the documents are reviewed by the anniversary date.

The UC Policy Library does not display new documents that have yet to be approved, i.e. those with draft status. However, once approved the new document will be checked by the Policy Unit for consistency and standardisation of language, formatting, grammar and spelling. The Policy Unit will then publish the document to the web and it will appear in the Policy Library and be available for viewing and printing.

Some policies may have a note in red that says “This Policy is Currently under Review”. This appears when a policy is being worked on outside of the review date.

This section contains information on new proposed policies during a consultation period. 

Find a policy document in the University of Canterbury Policy Libary

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