Membership and MyWellness Accounts

RecCentre Member Account

Welcome to the UC RecCentre Membership Portal.  Follow the link below, and explore the features of your personal account, available to you anywhere, at any time, from any device!

Right now you can:

  • View your membership details
  • View or change your account details and password 
  • Update communication preferences
  • View;
    • Appointments with our staff
    • Bookings you've made
    • Courses you're enrolled into
    • Concession account balances (such as spin concessions)
    • Remaining training package sessions.
  • Make squash court bookings
  • View any outstanding payments and account statements

In the future, you’ll be able to:

  • Book appointments and other courts online
  • Register for courses, workshops, seminars and masterclasses online

We do hope you enjoy these features!

UC RecCentre Member Account

MyWellness Account

To use our Rec & Sport app you will be asked to make an account. This is called a MyWellness account. You can access this via the app or on a web browser by visiting

Your MyWellness account is different to your RecCentre Member Account above. The MyWellness account will let you use our app, record your exercise, training and class history, and allow you to make Group Fitness class bookings.

Do more with the website

As with a lot of technology, you will find most features are available on our app, however, there are specific things you'll need to visit the website to be able to do.

Such as;

  • Print your training programme.
  • Swap your current training programme to any of the programmes you've had in the past.
  • View in-depth results like "Time Spent at Intensity Levels" or "Amount of Weight Lifted" and "Training Effectiveness".
  • After getting a Body Composition Scan (BCS) with us, you can view 14 of the measurements on the app, however, on the website you can view the full 46 measurement records.
  • View or change your full account details including deleting your account (Deleting an account cannot be undone).

UC RecCentre Member Account