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Troubleshoot Issues

08 November 2023

Having issues with the UC RecCentre Student registration or the Technogym app? Look here for some solutions.

Having issues with the UC Student registration process?


If you enter your student email address on the UC Student registration page, but nothing happens. Check to see if the page has loaded correctly.

If you see a yellow banner at the very bottom of the page that has an error message, you will need to reload the page and try again.

UC RecCentre Student Registration Error
  • You may need to reload the page many times during peak periods for the page to load correctly and connect to the server. The page has loaded correctly when there is no yellow banner at the bottom of the page.
Information Messages you may Receive

If you receive any of the following error messages, please read what to do and try again.

  • Once again if the page is not loading correctly (with the yellow error message), keep reloading the page until it correctly loads.
    • You'll know it has worked because you'll get a "Congratulations" messsge or one of the error messages below.
  • [You've been identified as an existing member of UC Rec & Sport] - You already have an account with us. Log into the Client Portal to access your account.
  • [You've been identified as not being eligible to opt-in to UC Rec & Sport] - This is likey because you are not yet fully enrolled, your enrollement or courses are still pending or you haven't paid 100% of your studenty levy fees. Make sure this has all been done then try again. 

If you believe you are infact fully enrolled, please contact us to look into this for you.

  • [Your registration has already been queued] - A registraion has already been submitted for your email address. Check your inbox and junk folders for the T&Cs confirmation email. Or try register again 1 hour later.
  • [Your opt-in registration doesn't appear to exist] - You have submitted a registraion but it has timed out, Please try again by submitting a new registraion.

If you receive any of the following error messages please get in touch with us, so we can look into this further.

  • [Your opt-in registration didn't complete the opt-in process due to a technical issue] - There was an issue with the integration when fetching your details from the UC data server. Please get in touch with us to help you.
  • [Unfortunately, there was a problem with the registration process] - There was an issue with creating your membership. Please get in touch with us to help you.

Having issues with your app?

The first thing to know is you have TWO accounts.

  1. One is your gym membership account - access this via the Client Portal.
  2. The other is your Technogym app account - Access this via the app or via the mywellness website.

Both accounts use the same linked email address. If you change your email in your membership account, you need to also change your email address in your Technogym account.

Log into MyWellness to do that. Follow the instructions in the PDF manual here, and start from Step 2.

As these are two different accounts, you will setup a password for each. We suggest to keep it the same to remember easily. If you change it with one account make sure to change it on the other too.



  • You can reset your password within the app login screen or by visiting to check your junk folder)
  • Not receiving the reset email? Then open the app and click [Create Account], proceed to create an account again using the exact same details as your existing account.
  • The system will detect your existing account and ask you if you'd like to use that one. You must click Yes and use the existing one.
  • This should trigger an email to be sent to you with a new activation link. Make sure to activate the account within 14-days so you don't run into the same issue again.


Two things could be going on...

1. You're logged into the correct account but the app hasn't loaded into the correct facility.

  • The easiest way to fix this is to scan the facility QR code on out Technogym App page, or on the posters within the RecCentre. This will open the app and link it with the RecCentre facility.

2. The account you are logged in is a duplicate account or one that is not linked with a membership account.

  • The best way to fix this is to log out, then log back in again making sure to use the email address that is linked with your membership account. If you are a UC student this will be your student email address.



  1. Uninstall the app
  2. Fully update your iOS or Android operating system
  3. Re-install the App
  4. Log back in using the email address you used for your very first membership with us. You may have a new email address now, but your account is linked to the first email you signed up with.
  5. Clearing the app's cache may also fix some issues.


Please note, that our app is only supported on iOS and Android operating systems. It does not support rooted or jailbroken devices. It's also not currently supported on tablets.


If you are still having issues contact our Fitness, Facilities & Systems Team Leader

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