Te Kakau a Māui Scholarships

To celebrate 150 years of UC, the University has launched the new Te Kakau a Māui Scholarships, offering 150 full undergraduate scholarships covering three- or four- year degrees in both 2023 and 2024 to students from lower socioeconomic areas in Te Waipounamu, the South Island of New Zealand.

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Research has shown that students from schools in lower socioeconomic areas in Aotearoa New Zealand are significantly less likely to go on to undergraduate-level studies than their peers from schools in higher socioeconomic areas.

This has less to do with academic achievement as it does the school environment and the tacit messages in the wider culture.

Te Kakau a Māui scholarships aim to close that equity gap through engaging with the students, their families, and other people of influence in their lives to change the dialogue around tertiary education, and also by removing barriers created by financial situations.

The application process will be made more accessible through video submissions and support from UC during the process, taking into consideration not only applicants’ academic achievements, but also their commitment to and engagement with their community.

By donating towards Te Kakau a Māui Scholarships, you will empower young Kiwis like Samantha, Fane, and Finn to achieve their aspirations of building a better world for their communities and for all of us. 

Click here to see Te Kakau a Māui scholarship regulations and eligibility

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