Te Rā Tūhura | Discovery Day 


Te Rā Tūhura | Discovery Day brings Tau (year) 12 students and teachers from the Christchurch and Canterbury region onto campus to enjoy the opportunity to explore university.

Te Rā Tūhura is your chance to embrace a fun and inspiring experience to explore UC subject choices, discover career pathways, and understand the importance of tau 12 for future opportunities.

You will get to choose your own timetable, attend short lectures, enjoy lunch with a group of new mates and explore all the opportunities at UC.

  • Take part in lectures of your choice and see how your school subjects relate to university
  • Discover the differences between school and university
  • Learn why university study is valuable
  • Explore the support services UC provides
  • Find out what’s on offer to UC students.

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Events, open days, tours and visits to campus

There are a variety of opportunities throughout the year to visit our campus or talk to our Liaison team. Find out more about campus tours and future student events.

More information

Liaison Office
Student Services Centre
University of Canterbury
Christchurch 8140
New Zealand

Freephone 0800 VARSITY (827 748)
Email liaison@canterbury.ac.nz 

Discovery Day Badge 2021

Recap on your day - Watch the session recordings here! 

Counting Everything

Amazing Asia

It's Alive! It's Alive! 

A license to ask awkward questions 

A day in the life of an "impact biologist

Developing Video Games

Is this the 100% Pure NZ brand fact or fiction

Bad Grammar is just laziness

Are you a crime fighter or a justice advocate?

Challenge yourself with Law

Exciting Electrons

Killer Robots

Data Science forecasting our future

Aotearoa | NZ on the edge: An ever-changing landscape

COVID world explained

Moving forward to stop climate change

Medicinal Chemistry

A taste of Political Science and International Relations

Global Climate Change

Exploring Social Work

So… you want to save the world

Robots like creatures

NZ Clean and green or plastic wrapped

Information session for International Students

Good for nothing! Who invented zero?

Young leaders will navigate our waka to new horizons

The F-word!

The Golem revolution  

Play to your advantage

Inspire young minds through play

Uni 101

The Truth about fake news

UC Pacifica

The EU Explained

Solving big problems through Biochemistry

What if nutrition could treat mental illness?

Time for a health check

Where does everything come from  

The management of Chocolate

Towards Sustainable Futures

Why music?

From texts messages to hieroglyphs

Why Economics?

The physics of dark matter

Discover China with the Confucius Institute

Art and its Histories

UC Māori

Would it stop a bullet?

The secret life of trees


Information Systems

Ngāti Nāianei Māori in the 21st Century

Speech-Language Therapy

The Oscar for Best Picture