Equity and diversity

A sense of belonging is an important part of university life

UC recognises that a sense of 'belonging' is an integral part of university life and we are committed to developing a diverse, culture-rich, and cooperative environment for all. Our policies aim to ensure that all staff and students are given the opportunity and support to grow as individuals and as part of the wider community.

All UC students and staff can be assured that without exception the University will not tolerate harassment or racism of any kind. We support institutions, policies and practices that protect and promote individuals on the basis of who they are and what they do, not on the basis of the colour of their skin, their sexuality, religious beliefs or who their parents were.

Equity and Diversity Committees On Campus

UC Equity Reference Group

The group is composed of academic staff, general staff, and UC students. If you have any questions, concerns or would like some advice, please contact Rīpeka Tamanui-Hurunui.

UCSA Equity and Wellbeing Advisory Group (EWAG)

The UCSA EWAG is responsible for providing student feedback to the Equity and Wellbeing representative, the Executive Committee and the Chief Executive regarding students’ needs and any issues surrounding equity and diversity within the student population.

Support On Campus

UC Diversity Champions

A UC Diversity champion is someone who is knowledgeable on, and sympathetic to, diversity and equity issues. Please feel free to contact our diversity champions should you have any questions or issues regarding diversity. They are all very approachable and are keen to hear what you have to say!

UC Diversity on Intercom