Transcripts and official letters

Student Records can provide you with your official academic transcript, write letters confirming details of your qualifications from UC, and complete qualification verifications for employment agencies and prospective employers.

Please note that the standard wait time on all transcript orders is 3-5 working days. Digital orders take a minimum of 24 hours to process.

Please note that a free digital transcript is only provided to students after graduation / conferral of qualification. If you require a digital copy of your transcript before you graduate / have your qualification conferred, you will need to order and pay for this online.

Please allow 3 - 5 working days for your transcript order to be processed.

An official academic transcript is a complete record of every year that you have been enrolled at UC.

Transcripts are available in physical (paper) and digital formats. All digital transcripts are issued via the My eQuals platform.

Please note that orders for digital transcripts take a minimum of 24 hours to process.

All students who had a qualification conferred after 25 July 2018 will have been issued with a free digital copy of their transcript and testamur (qualification certificate) via My eQuals. If you have had a qualification conferred (i.e. you've graduated) since 25 July 2018 but you don't have access to My eQuals, please contact the Student Records office at or phone +64 3 369 3829 or +64 3 369 0382.

Students whose qualifications were conferred before 25 July 2018 or who have not yet graduated will need to order and pay for a digital copy of their transcript.

If you require a digital copy of your transcript please do not register independently in My eQuals; a registration link must be sent to you. If you have any questions about this, please get in touch with the Student Records office.

All students need to order and pay for physical copies of their transcripts. The order form can be found here.

An official transcript is different to the internal transcript that students can access via MyUC.

An official transcript will show:

  • Your full legal name and UC student ID number
  • The reason you were granted admission to UC (please note that this may include the year you were first eligible to attend University)
  • All courses and grades achieved whilst at UC; this includes failing grades for courses that you did not formally withdraw from
  • Qualifications completed
  • Qualifications awarded/conferred, and the date of conferral
  • Scholarships you have been awarded via the University Scholarships Office* 
  • Credits transferred from another institution**

An official transcript will not show:

  • GPA values / calculations
  • Most notes that appear on your internal record
  • Courses from which you formally withdrew (these show as 'WD' or 'WDFR' in MyUC).

*Scholarships awarded by Departments/Schools or external institutions will not be shown on your official transcript.

**This will show a summary of the points you have been granted towards your qualification at UC. Some professional organisations/prospective employers may also require you to provide an official transcript from the “source” institution of the credit; this is not something that UC can provide.

A letter of eligibility to graduate is only available after you have met the requirements for a qualification and before the qualification has been awarded. This letter cannot be written until your final grades have been officially released.

A Letter of Eligibility to Graduate states:

  • That you are eligible to graduate
  • When you completed the requirements of your qualification(s)
  • The majors and endorsements (if applicable)

Please note that Student Records is not able to provide information about lecture attendance or hours of study.

You can choose to receive the letter in digital or hard-copy (paper) format. To order please go here. For further information on costs, processing times and other FAQ please see either Costs and how to order or Digital Documents – My eQuals.

A letter of conferment of degree is available only after a qualification has been awarded.

A Letter of Conferment of Degree states:

  • when you completed the requirements of your qualification(s)
  • the majors and endorsements (if applicable)
  • the date(s) of the conferment/award of the qualification(s)

If you require additional information, please use the comments section in the order form to specify this, or email
Please note that Student Records is not able to provide information about lecture attendance or hours of study.

You can choose to receive the letter in digital or hard-copy (paper) format. To order please go here. For further information on costs, processing times and other FAQ please see Costs and how to order.

Further information about graduation.

UC does not have a formal class ranking system; however, some departments may be able to provide your ranking within some courses/programmes. You should contact the appropriate department administrators in the first instance.

The GPA is based on an average which is calculated by multiplying a grade’s numerical value by the points value for the course, adding these results together for all courses to come to the Grade Point Total which is then divided by the total number of points enrolled in.

This calculation is intended for internal purposes for the University. The University can, however, provide a letter which states your GPA and how this is calculated. To request a letter, email

A testamur awarded by the University is a legal document and only one original may be in existence at a time. We cannot provide a copy of your testamur.

If you have a query about a replacement testamur, please email If you are eligible for a replacement, there will be a fee of $120.

Please note that we cannot provide digital testamurs for qualifications that were conferred prior to the implementation of My eQuals at the University of Canterbury (July 2018).


The conferment of degrees is a matter of public record and degrees conferred by the University of Canterbury between 1980 and the present, and by the Christchurch College of Education between 1997 and 2006, can be verified online using our Graduate Search.

Requests for information beyond what is accessible in the Graduate Search must be made in writing to and be accompanied by written authorisation from the graduate/student.

We will not provide additional information over the phone.

University of Canterbury is a signatory of the Groningen Declaration and as of 12th July 2018 will start provisioning digital official letters, academic transcripts and degree certificates via My eQuals, a secure online credentials service widely used by New Zealand and Australian Universities.

**Please note: the University of Canterbury is not affiliated with 'Canterbury University' Cheshire Hyde, UK or Taktaz, Iran.

Students who have passed courses enrolled against a Certificate of Proficiency that have not been, and will not subsequently be credited towards a formal qualification of any University, may receive a certificate on application to The certificate lists the course codes and titles of courses successfully completed. It does not list grades achieved or failed courses.

If you have a debt with the University you should contact Financial Services ( as soon as possible to clear the debt; Student Records is unable to issue copies of your transcript when you have a debt sanction on your student record.

Once your debt has been resolved, please let Student Records know by emailing so your order can be processed. 

The University adheres to the Privacy Act 1993 and will request written confirmation from any current or former student before allowing another party to act on the student/former student’s behalf in respect of their academic record or release information contained therein.

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