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Mental Health and Nutrition

15 January 2024

'Mental Health and Nutrition' is a free, online course that explains what foods and nutrients should and should not be consumed to improve mental wellbeing.


Title: Mental Health and Nutrition
Instructor: Professor Julia Rucklidge
Start Date: Open for enrolment
Price: Free (or $149 USD if you choose to pay for a verified certificate). 

Whether you are a health professional working with people with mental health challenges; someone who struggles daily with low mood, anxiety or stress; someone who supports others who face mental health struggles, or you are simply interested in the fascinating interface between food and brain health, this course is for you!

Professor Julia Rucklidge has developed this course based on her world-leading research into the links between nutrition and mental wellbeing. The course will cover evidence supporting the premise that eating better, and taking additional nutrients when appropriate, can improve mental health for many people.

What foods and nutrients should you consume to improve your mental wellbeing? Join us on this evidence-based discovery!

Professor Rucklidge and other experts in psychology, toxicology, and nutrition will cover the history of using food as a treatment for mental health; the food components to consider when making dietary choices; and why we need to consider micronutrients in our food, such as minerals and vitamins, for building a better brain.

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