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Foundational Field Skills for Earth and Environmental Sciences

15 January 2024

'Foundational Field Skills for Earth and Environmental Sciences' is a free online course that combines instructional demonstrations and scaffolded learning activities in New Zealand’s stunning outdoors.


Title: Foundational Field Skills for Earch and Environmental Sciences
Instructor: Dr Samuel HamptonDr Kate PedleyAssociate Professor Darren Gravley 
Start Date: Enrol now
Price: Free

What you will learn:

  • Develop and execute fundamental field skills and techniques in the earth and environmental sciences.
  • Familiarize with and perform core navigation skills.
  • Develop techniques to make effective scientific observations in the field.
  • Distinguish between what is an 'observation' and an 'interpretation'.
  • Execute systematic notetaking of scientific field observations and data collection.
  • Build your ability to draft field sketches to match what you see in the field.
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