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Field Volcanology and Hazards

15 January 2024

'Field Volcanology and Hazards' is a free online course that explains the science of how volcanoes work and the skills a field volcanologist needs to investigate and communicate volcanic hazards.


Title: Field Volcanology and Hazards
Instructor: Professor Ben KennedyDr Jonathan Davidson
Start Date: Enrol now
Price: Free

What you will learn

  • Describe why volcanoes erupt in Iceland and New Zealand.
  • Use the field skills of a volcanologist to explain and describe volcanic rocks and landscapes.
  • Explain why different volcano types have different eruption hazards.
  • Appreciate the value of cross-cultural perspectives from Māori narratives and values to stories of Icelandic trolls.
  • Apply field data and historic eruption stories to discuss volcanic hazard implications in different locations in Iceland and Aotearoa New Zealand.
  • Discuss the plan to drill into a magma chamber, weigh up the societal benefits such as renewable geothermal energy and better eruption prediction with risks and costs.
  • Use appropriate cultural consideration and apply communication skills to describe volcanic processes to diverse audience.
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