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Turning Insight into Action

15 February 2024

Explore the true potential of data sharing, analytics and AI for your organisation.


This two-day course provides you with the understanding and change leadership toolkit to help you start using data and analytics to drive a step change in performance.


What will you gain?

By the end of the course you will:

  • understand what you are buying by having a sound foundation of the kinds of value that data sharing, AI and Analytics can drive, applied across a range of government, community, NGO and private domains;
  • be able to diagnose the common sources of resistance and barriers to change;
  • have strategies to successfully frame and build buy-in when selling insights work into your organisation; and
  • understand your own leadership style and have an expanded leadership toolkit that is relevant to insights work.


Course structure

This two-day course approaches insights capability through the lens of change leadership, using a variety of methods to help participants learn.

No technical expertise in data sharing or analytics is required, as the course builds a solid foundation in understanding of the value, risks, change resistance and leadership methods required to use insights capability more successfully in your organisation.

Topics covered include:

  • The value proposition: Real world examples of the kinds of value that you can drive using insights technology. Includes group work to identify opportunities to lever the power of these capabilities for your career or organisation.
  • Context: Use of Data sharing and AI in government vs Non-government settings.
  • The challenge: Why most investment in insights work fails. This may include case in point analysis and shared class experiences as well as a diagnostic tool for identifying sources of resistance.
  • Understanding your change leadership style, using an in-class survey and discussion.
  • Understanding deep resistance to change, as part of class exercise.
  • Use of an Insights Maturity Model to frame and successfully navigate organisational change
  • Methods for leading change when applied to insights work. Includes a comparison of usually unsuccessful approaches with approaches that have been shown to be more successful.
  • Staying alive and organising for success.

It is suitable for governors, managers, data and analytics practitioners and others who wish to explore the potential or be more successful using these new insights technologies to drive value.



Course Facilitator

James Mansell
James Mansell

James is New Zealand’s leading Management Consultant on Data Sharing and the use of AI and Analytics to drive performance.

He has helped sponsors raise over $100 million of investment into insights capability and is trusted advisor to a wide range of senior ministers, Boards, CEs, management, philanthropists, and practitioners. He has deployed insights capability or been lead advisor across a wide range of contexts including Social Development, Inland Revenue (tax), NZ Treasury, the Victorian Royal Commission on Mental Wellbeing, for Māori Data Sovereignty interests, the Next Foundation, Bio heritage and environmental interests, Ministry of Primary Industry, the World Health Organisation. He is the founder and lead introduction of the Investment Approach, a novel state sector reform that uses data sharing and analytics to better focus on outcomes. To improve data sharing, James was appointed to the New Zealand Data Futures Forum and set up the New Zealand Data Commons movement which was the blueprint used to support farmer lead regenerative agriculture.

James’ leadership in data sharing and analytics was recognised by winning the public sector’s 2011 Leadership Development Centre (LDC) prize; used to study leadership at the Wharton school, Harvard and Centre for Creative Leadership. And was recognised in 2016 by being awarded an Edmund Hilary Fellowship. He is currently finishing a book on the Economics of Information Sharing funded under a Marsden Grant.

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Ilam campus, University of Canterbury



$2300 including GST. 

Course fees include catering (all dietary requirements catered for), booking fees and on-site parking.

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