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Short course subscriptions

22 November 2023

UC offers two subscription options for individuals or businesses looking for an economical, continuous pathway to professional excellence. Check out our short course subscriptions.


Annual or six-monthly subscriptions 

We offer two subscription options for individuals or businesses seeking an economical and continuous pathway to professional excellence;

  • A 12-month subscription, running from 1 January until 31 December; or 1 July until 30 June, or 
  • A 6-month subscription, running from either 1 January until 30 June or 1 July until 31 December. 

A subscription gives you and your team the freedom to join an unlimited number of courses within the subscription period.

Enjoy certainty when budgeting for employee professional development costs each year. 


A corporate subscription is 100% transferable within your business or organisation - that means anyone in the team can make use of it!

Check out our course programme to see what you'll have unlimited access to!

Embrace the opportunity and enjoy affordable, flexible learning with our short courses, propelling you and your business on your growth journey. 



Individual Subscription – attend an unlimited number of courses

For one named individual6 month subscription (ex GST)12 month subscription (ex GST)
e.g. John Smith$3,500$5,950

Corporate Subscription – select anyone from your team to attend, up to a maximum of 3 participants can join an unlimited number of courses

Number of participants subscribed6 month subscription (ex GST)12 month subscription (ex GST)

That’s unlimited access to 25+ courses per person – worth over $42,000 at full course cost.



The great things about the corporate subscription is that it’s transferable – which means ANY three participants from your business to join each short course; It could be Kim, Bob and Hemi on one course, Sascha, Nick and Billy on another; The subscription is not 'tied' to specific, named people.

Yes - that's ANY three participants from one business are able to attend our short courses using subscriptions, providing maximum flexibility to enable your teams to take full advantage of ongoing professional development.

Please note, our terms of business make particular reference to subscriptions and are available to view here.

Want to subscribe?

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