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Library accessibility

09 November 2023

UC students with limited mobility can access all our libraries. Find out about library accessibility at UC and what to do in an emergency.


Accessing library spaces

Central Library
  • For students with limited mobility, access to the Library is via the ground floor entrance.
    Cross the flat bridge to the left of the large set of stairs at the main entrance to the Library. Enter the automatic doors on the right to access the lift up to Level 2. The entrance to the Library is on Level 2, for access to all other floors use the East or West lifts inside the Library.
  • Toilets with wheelchair access are available on Levels 3, 5 and 7.
  • A dedicated computer area for students with disabilities is provided on Level 2. It contains two computer workstations with height adjustable desks for wheelchair users. A Pulsedata Smartview reader (an electronic magnification system for the partially blind which may be used for viewing text) is also provided.
EPS Library
  • Access is through the main entrance at ground level. 
  • Users may require assistance as there are no automatic opening doors.
  • A lift gives access to Levels 2 and 3.
  • Toilets with wheelchair access are available on Levels 1 and 2.


Macmillan Brown Library
  • Access is via the lift in the lobby, on Level 1.
  • A toilet with wheelchair access is available on Level 2.


Emergency evacuation

In an emergency in any of the libraries, either bells or sirens ring continuously.

  • If you are at ground level in these circumstances make your way out of the building through main doors.
  • If you are above ground level, go to the stairwell landing on that level. On the landing, you will be safe from fire, and smoke from a fire, for a considerable period of time.
    Seek assistance from an able-bodied person who should stay with you on the landing while someone else reports your location to the Fire Service.
  • Do not use the lifts.

Library staff in all libraries are trained to act as floor wardens, but in some circumstances, particularly outside normal hours, there will not be enough staff available to clear the entire building immediately. In such circumstances, those parts of the building not cleared by Library staff will be cleared by the Fire Service when they arrive. If you use a library regularly, talk to staff there about your best course of action in an emergency.

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