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UC live webinars for agents

08 December 2023

Join UC live webinars for agents or catch up on past webinars you might have missed.

"Meet the Expert" agent training webinars 


The International Recruitment and Conversion Team arrange regular "Meet the Expert" webinars for our agent network to attend. As an offical agent of the University of Canterbury it is important regular training is maintained to ensure the most up-to-date information is communicated to students. 

The "Meet the Expert" webinars cover a range of programmes and topics. 


Upcoming "Meet the Expert" webinar


Join us in the next "Meet the Expert" webinar featuring...


There are currently no webinars planned

"Meet the Expert" Webinars On Demand


Catch up with the "Meet the Expert" webinars On Demand. 

Master of Artificial Intelligence

15th June 2023

Professor Richard Green

PhD and Research at UC

31st May 2023

Professor Ekant Veer

Master of Architectural Engineering

11th May 2023

Professor Larry Bellamy

Master of Engineering Management...

27th April 2023

Associate Professor Enda Crossin, Director of Engineering Management Programmes


6th April 2023

Stefi Porter and Karen Haigh from ChristchurchNZ

Bachelor of Digital Screen (Hons) programme

24th November 2022

Executive DEAN - Arts Kevin Watson and Senior Lecturer Adrian Clark

Master of Education Programme

10th November 2022

Associate Professor Alison Arrow

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) programme

27th October 2022

MBA Director Elsamari Botha and Associate Professor Laura Meriluoto

Master of Engineering Mananagement...

4th August 2022

Enda Crossin Director of Engineering Management programmes

Business Taught Masters Programmes

14th July 2022

Stephen Hickson and Will Shannon

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