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Student visas

22 November 2023

You'll need a valid student visa if you're studying in New Zealand as an international student at UC. Apply for your visa on the Immigration New Zealand website. 

Applying for your student visa

Apply for your student visa on the Immigration New Zealand website. You will normally need to provide the following documents with your student visa application:

  • An Offer of Place from UC for full-time study (this will be in your Document Library in myUC)
  • Evidence that you have paid your tuition fees in full for one year of study or one programme (whichever is shorter) 
  • A copy of the identity pages in your current valid passport
  • Proof of funds ($20,000 per year) to cover your living expenses
  • A copy of your air ticket home, or proof that you have enough money to leave New Zealand
  • (If you're under 18, an accommodation guarantee)
  • Your visa application fee
  • You may also be asked to provide a chest x-ray or medical certificate or evidence of good character. You can normally submit your application for a student visa without these but your application will not progress until you have provided the required documentation. More information on getting a chest x-ray or medical examination is available on the Immigration New Zealand website.

Current visa processing times and suggested application times can be found on the Immigration New Zealand website


If you're coming to UC from a NZ high school, ask your school for proof of attendance before it closes for the summer break - you will need to include this with your student visa application. You will receive an Offer of Place once your NCEA results are available and your admission to UC is confirmed.

Renewing your visa to continue your studies at UC

If you are a continuing UC student on campus and have a student visa due to expire in three months or less, you should prepare your visa application documentation and submit your visa application at least one month before your visa expiry date.

A new Offer of Place will be created for you when you have submitted an application to enrol in myUC. Email if you have any problems. 

Please note: if you travel overseas for the summer break, make sure your current visa is valid on the date you return to NZ. If you have an interim visa you will need to wait until your new visa is approved to re-enter NZ

Changing your study

If your study plans change and you no longer meet the requirements of your student visa, you are required to notify Immigration New Zealand of the changes. You may be required to apply for a Variation of Conditions or a new student visa.


If you do not leave New Zealand before your visa expires

You must leave New Zealand on or before the date your visa expires (as shown in your passport or your eVisa letter).  If your visa has expired you need to submit a visa request under Section 61 through Immigration New Zealand. If you are unlawfully in New Zealand you are not allowed to work or study.


If you have any questions about applying for a student visa

Visa application guides and checklists

A number of helpful guides and checklists are available on the Immigration New Zealand website:

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