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Earthquake Engineering

09 November 2023
‌A range of postgraduate qualifications, endorsed in Earthquake Engineering, are available at UC.


Earthquake Engineering


Earthquake Engineering encompasses a broad range of activities that seek to minimise the damage and disruption communities suffer when hit by an earthquake. The subject includes:


  • assessing the tectonic and fault mechanisms that generate earthquakes to estimate when they will occur and how large they will be
  • understanding how the earthquake energy transmits through the ground
  • quantifying the likely ground surface responses at a specific site throughout the life of a structure
  • assessing the liquefaction potential of soils at specific sites
  • designing structures and lifeline services (electricity, gas, transport, water, and wastewater) to minimise the damage and disruption during and after an earthquake
  • planning for emergency response and post-earthquake recovery
  • preparing communities for earthquakes.

UC has a long history in Earthquake Engineering and has shown significant leadership over the years in this area on an international stage.

As part of the Earthquake Engineering endorsement, you are offered the opportunity to advance your knowledge of seismic risk, geotechnical and structural earthquake engineering, and seismic resilience. The programme draws on significant lessons learnt from the 2010–2011 Canterbury earthquakes and the strong ties the Faculty has with the industry, preparing graduates who are knowledge and highly employable.

Earthquake Engineering

Career opportunities

Engineers specialising in earthquake assessment, strengthening, and repairs are in high demand throughout Aotearoa New Zealand, and overseas regions that are often prone to earthquake disasters.

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