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Postgraduate subject

Chemical and Process Engineering

Pūhanga Matū, Tukanga

09 November 2023
Postgraduate study offers research and development of new products and processes.


Chemical and Process Engineering


Founded in 1887 as the first School of Engineering in Aotearoa New Zealand, UC's Te Kaupeka Pūhanga | Faculty of Engineering is internationally recognised for its teaching and research excellence, and opened brand new facilities in 2017.

Te Tari Pūhanga Tukanga Matū | Department of Chemical and Process Engineering offers a wide variety of research projects and postgraduate courses. This provides you with the opportunity to advance your knowledge and carry out original research in an area that interests you.

Resources that are available to postgraduate students include access to highly skilled, experienced technicians, well-equipped workshops, dedicated computer suites, and the support of academics.

Chemical and Process Engineering

What will my study involve?

Some of the areas currently being researched in Chemical and Process Engineering are:

  • Catalysis and Reaction Engineering
  • Bioprocessing
  • Renewable Energy and Fuels
  • Batteries and Hydrogen technology
  • New materials
  • Gas separation technology
  • Environmental engineering
  • Industrial Processes
  • Simulation, Control, and Computer Modelling.

See more information on specific projects currently on offer in Te Tari Pūhanga Tukanga Matū | Department of Chemical and Process Engineering

Chemical and Process Engineering

Career opportunities

Chemical and Process Engineers have many career options including working in renewable energy, medicine, biotechnology, oil and gas processing, food technology, and materials science. A master’s degree in Chemical and Process Engineering from UC typically means that you have conducted research and thus have specialised in one or more areas related to chemical engineering.

In general, this provides graduates with a range of skills (in addition to the specialised research expertise) which are highly valued by employers, including time management, data analysis, and report writing. Many of our ME graduates go on to do further postgraduate study at the PhD level.

Find out more about what you can do with a degree in Chemical and Process Engineering.

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