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Double Degree: BSc and BE(Hons) in Chemical and Process Engineering

23 November 2023

Accelerate your career opportunities by earning both degrees in just in five years. Find out about doing a double degree in Chemical and Process Engineering at UC.


This double degree programme offers students studying a BSc direct entry into the Third Year of the BE(Hons) in Chemical and Process Engineering, enabling you to earn both degrees in just five years (three years for BSc, two years for BE(Hons)).  

It is designed for students who have completed a BSc majoring in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics, or Biology. It is ideal for those who are seeking wider career opportunities and are keen to explore their field further.  

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Having degrees and experience in interdisciplinary areas leads to greater career opportunities beyond a standalone BSc.

This programme lets you combine engineering and science to work on interdisciplinary projects, such as water management, reactor engineering, and material productions. With 800 hours of work experience and a final year project, you will gain both practical experience and industry connections.

Completion of the programme also leads to high employability with 100% of graduates securing jobs before they graduate. You will become part of a highly employable cohort, with 92% of BE(Hons) in Chemical and Process Engineering graduates finding paid employment or undertaking postgraduate study before they graduate (2023 Department of Chemical and Process Engineering Graduate Survey)

Along with the career opportunities available with a BSc qualification, holding a degree in Chemical and Process Engineering opens doors to a wider range of options developing sustainable production pathways to provide society with water, food, energy, and consumer goods.

Chemical and Process engineers are involved in cutting-edge industries including pharmaceuticals, environmental management, energy production and management, waste processing, alternative fuel production, and nanotechnology. 

To be eligible for this programme entry is a case by case decision, the following are minimum requirements however do not guartentee entry into CAPE:

  • a BSc in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics, or Biology 
  • a B grade average in your third year courses 
  • taken appropriate 200-level Mathematics courses 
  • approval by the Associate Dean: Engineering and Forestry.

Please send your application of interest to Ken Morison, Associate Professor in Chemical and Process Engineering, at to review and discuss your application with you before submitting it to the Associate Dean: Engineering and Forestry for approval.   

Alternatively, you can contact the Engineering Student Advisors at for help planning and checking your requirements.

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