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Past postgraduate research

19 January 2024

From PhD to Masters completions, check out past Mechanical Engineering postgraduate research at UC.


Thesis completion by year

2024 PhD completions
  • EMANUEL, Rebecca. Development and Evaluation of Machine Learning Tools to Process an Internet Forum for Clinical Research of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Supervisor: Paul Docherty.  Co-supervisor: Rua Murray. Associate Supervisor: Helen Lunt.
  • FERGUSON, Hamish. Using field-based power meter data to model track cycling performance. Supervisor: Geoff Chase. Co-supervisor: Chris Harnish.
  • GUPTA, Honey. Bioaerogels derived from canola protein and their use in the delivery of bioactive compounds. Supervisor: Mark Staiger. Co-supervisor: Steve McNeil. Associate Supervisor: Kate Parker.
  • JOSHI, Aditya Avinash. Phenomenological modelling of the degradative performance of biodegradable magnesium alloy orthopaedic implants: Applications in craniofacial device design. Supervisor: Mark Staiger. Co-supervisor: George Dias
  • MCHUGH, Alex. Enhancing Approaches to Glycaemic Modelling And Parameter Identification. Supervisor: Geoff Chase 
2024 Masters completions
  • CAUGHEY, Mackenzie. Creep Ratchetting of Centralloy® G 4852 Micro-R Reformer Tube Alloy. Supervisor: Milo Kral
  • LAY, Gordon, Benjamin. Noodle: A compliant, re-configurable 3D serpentine robot. Supervisor: Chris Pretty. Co-supervisor: Lui Pearson.
  • LIESHOUT, Ekaterina. Aerodynamic Optimisation of a Sit-Ski. Supervisor: Natalia Kabaliuk.
  • MANZ, Olaf. Stress Corrosion Cracking of Commercial Bronze and Brass.  Supervisor: Milo Kral. Co-supervisor: Catherine Bishop
  • SINCLAIR, James. Investigation of intra-patient and inter-patient variability for synchronised acoustic emission and lower-limb biomechanics data for total hip replacement patients.  Supervisor: Geoff Rodgers. Co-supervisor: Debbie Munro
  • WILEY, Richard.  The Effect of Thermomechanical Processing Parameters on the Texture of Ti-6Al-4V Forgings as a Precursor to Abnormal Grain Growth. Supervisor: Milo Kral.  Co-Supervisor: Catherine Bishop.

2023 PhD completions


2023 Masters completions

2022 PhD completions
2022 Masters completions.

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