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Final Year Projects Showcase

24 January 2024

Keen to see what UC's engineering and product design students have been working on in their final year studies? Check out our Final Year Projects showcase.


In 2023, students in the Department of Mechanical Engineering completed a total of 46 final projects (FYPs), which means the numbers continue to rise. For comparison, there were 43 projects in 2022, 42 in 2021 and 34 in 2020. Out of these, 28 projects were sponsored by 20 external organizations, while 7 were sponsored by research grants, 10 internal Mech Eng projects (UC Motorsport, UC Aerospace, UC Human Power, SAE Aero Design) and one for a non-profit organisation. The main focus areas of these projects included the design and development of equipment for the agricultural and food industry, advancements in automotive technology, sports engineering, design of assistive devices for people with disabilities, aerospace, and biomedical engineering.

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