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Student story

Sam Butcher - recipient

07 December 2023

Sam Butcher is a driven MBA student with a diverse professional background and a passion for technology, economics, and social development. His journey to pursue an MBA was triggered by a defining moment when he sold his business, which gave him more time and an opportunity to explore new endeavours. Read Sam's story.


Sam chose the UC MBA program for two distinct reasons. Firstly, the local aspect appealed to him, valuing face-to-face interactions and a sense of community in his hometown of Christchurch. He appreciated the chance to build meaningful relationships with fellow students from diverse backgrounds and industries. Secondly, the program's focus on digital transformation perfectly aligned with his technology-oriented career and ambitions in higher-level strategy and governance.

Having received the prestigious Ben Gough Family Foundation Leaders Scholarship, Sam was not only supported financially in pursuing his MBA but also exposed to a unique program that aimed to develop well-rounded individuals and thoughtful business leaders. This scholarship offered opportunities for personal growth, including an Outward Bound course that tested and strengthened his abilities while fostering close bonds with other scholarship recipients.

One of the most significant benefits of the scholarship was the personalized leadership coaching and mentorship it provided. Sam was fortunate to be mentored by Guy Horrocks, an influential figure in his field of work. Guy's experience and willingness to share his knowledge have been invaluable to Sam's development. Additionally, the scholarship's coaching program is expected to further enhance Sam's leadership capabilities and contribute to his long-term career goals.

Throughout his MBA journey, Sam's aspirations have been shaped by the program's emphasis on professional self-development and leadership rather than solely focusing on finance and corporate strategy. He believes that effective leadership starts with managing oneself well, and he aims to become a leader who can lead communities in an ever-changing and uncertain world.

With a strong foundation in technology and economics nurtured by the UC MBA program, Sam eagerly looks forward to sharpening and refining his skills over the coming years. His journey of learning and leading is fuelled by his passion for positive change and making a meaningful impact in the world.

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