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Student story

Julie Hands - recipient

07 December 2023

Julie Hands is an outstanding MBA student and a distinguished recipient of the prestigious Ben Gough Scholarship. Throughout her journey she's realised that being prepared for both opportunities and challenges is vital, as they often arise unexpectedly and require quick, well-informed decision-making. Read Julie's story.


Julie's decision to pursue an MBA wasn't triggered by a single defining moment but rather by a series of experiences throughout her career. Working closely with a diverse range of stakeholders at advisory and governance levels has taught her the importance of possessing a broad knowledge base and diverse experience to maintain a strategic edge in various contexts. She sees the MBA as the next logical step in her journey of continuous learning, offering her the chance to broaden her perspectives and acquire fresh insights to tackle professional challenges effectively.

The Ben Gough Family Foundation Scholarship, a testament to Julie's exceptional achievements, has further inspired her to excel in her academic pursuits. It has bolstered her confidence and affirmed her potential to make a significant impact in her chosen field.

When it came to selecting the right MBA program, Julie found the University of Canterbury (UC) to be exceptional and unmatched by others. The UC MBA program stands out for its practical and highly applicable approach to learning. Rather than focusing solely on theoretical concepts, it emphasises the application of knowledge, empowering students like Julie to implement what they learn directly into their daily work life. This hands-on approach resonated deeply with Julie, as she sought an MBA that would offer immediate value and relevance to her career.

Moreover, the UC MBA's emphasis on addressing emerging issues in organisational strategy and tackling current challenges caught Julie's attention. The program equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the dynamic business landscape and make meaningful contributions to their organisations. Additionally, the focus on developing leadership qualities and fostering resiliency sets the UC MBA apart, reflecting the institution's commitment to nurturing well-rounded professionals.

Julie was also pleased with the program's flexible structure, allowing her to balance her studies with her current job responsibilities seamlessly. The MBA schedule was designed with working professionals in mind, ensuring that students can gain valuable knowledge without having to compromise their existing professional commitments.

In conclusion, Julie Hands' pursuit of an MBA at the University of Canterbury showcases her proactive approach to career development, with the support of the esteemed Ben Gough Family Foundation Scholarship driving her forward. The UC MBA's practical and applied learning approach, coupled with its emphasis on leadership and resilience, aligns perfectly with Julie's aspirations to excel in her professional journey and make a lasting impact in the business world.

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